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Robert Gate

Hi, I’m Robert Gate – an avid hunter and CEO of ArcheryTopic. I grew up in Texas, USA and learned archery from my dad when I was a child. He gave me a Mathew bow as a gift when I got 12 years old. From then, bowhunting became my passion and I love the feeling of shooting the bulleyes. Besides that, I’m a dad of 2 kids as well as a highly responsible husband. Our family usually go camping and hunting outdoor. That’s why I love hunting as we can connect and share the interesting moment together. I’m very proud of my son – Jack as he loves archery too. Last year he made his first shot with a mini bow and keep it throughout the day. My wife – Daisy always support my work – an electric engineer at full time as well as a deer hunter at part-time. Information : Address : 358 West 58th Street, Hell's Kitchen, New York Phone : 0376993906 Website : Email : Social : Hastag : #archerytopic, #Bowhunting, #deerhunting #robertgate
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