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06 Sep 2016 - 13:20 | Version 3 |
Additional formfield types for DataForms


This plugin implements a set of additional special purpose formfields to be used in DataForm definitions.

To make use of these formfields use their type identifier in the Type column of a DataForm definition, such as in

Name Type Size Values Description Attributes
IpAddress ipaddress 15   network address  
Netmask netmask 15   netmask  
MacAddress macaddress 17   hardware-addresse  

When defining a formfield additional parameters may be used in the Values column to further customize the behavior of the element.

Known Formfield types


A formfield that is filled automatically based on values from one or more other formfields of the same topic. During an edit-save loop, values of fields listed in the source parameter are extracted and concatenated using the specified separator. Values of an autofill formfield cannot be edited by the user.


  • header: add an optional string prefixed to the field value, but only when the source fields are not empty
  • source: comma-separated list of one or more formfields to fetch values from
  • separator: separator used when concatenating all values into a new value for the autofill field
  • footer: append an optional string to the field value, but only when the source fields are not empty

A typical use-case for an autofill field is the construction of a TopicTitle based on other form properties:

Name Type Size Values Description Attributes
TopicTitle autofill 1 header="Project" source="Customer, ID, Year"    
Customer text 80      
ID id 4      
Year text 4      


A select box to chose an icon supported by Foswiki (famfamfam and fontawesome).


  • cat: list of icon categories to be included in the selection
  • include: regular expression of icons to include in the selection
  • exclude: regular expression of icons to be excluded from the selection

An icon category can be either a topic on the icon search path as defined in $Foswiki::cfg{JQueryPlugin}{IconSearchPath}:

  • famfamfam ... to select famfamfam icons only
  • silkicons ... to selec from a silk icon only,
  • flagicons ... to select a flag
  • ...

Or an icon category as defined in the fontawesome definition:

  • Brand Icons
  • Chart Icons
  • Currency Icons
  • Directional Icons
  • File Type Icons
  • Form Control Icons
  • Medical Icons
  • Payment Icons
  • Spinner Icons
  • Text Editor Icons
  • Video Player Icons
  • Web Application Icons


Name Type Size Values Description Attributes Default
FamFamFamIcon icon 20 cat="famfamfam"      
SilkIcon icon 20 cat="silkicon"      
MintIcon icon 20 cat="minticons"      
FlagIcon icon 20 cat="flagicons"      
WebApp icon 20 cat="Web App"      


Extract the numeric identifier from the topic name. This is most usefull for topics created using the AUTOINC feature (see TemplateTopics). The AUTOINC feature adds a numeric unique identifier when the topic is created. This identifier can be extracted using an id formfield type and stored into a DataForm and be available for formatted searches.

The value in the Size column will be used to add leading zeros to the id. For example, given a topic FooBar1 has a DataForm

Name Type Size Values Description Attributes
ID id 4      

Then upon save the id formfield will have a value of 0001.

Parameters: none


A general purpose IP4 address, consisting of 4 octets, e.g.

Parameters: none


A hardware address given in 6 hex values, e.g. 00:1a:10:6f:ba:12

Parameters: none


A special IP address used for routing, consisting of 4 octets, e.g.


A standard telephone number. This formfield uses JQueryValidate to make sure the formfield value is a valid phone number.

Parameters: none


A drop-in replacement for the standard select formfield. See JQSelect2Contrib.

Parameters: none


A somewhat "smarter" checkbox formfield type. It allows to select one of the values as a placeholder representing "any" value in the selection.

So given this DataForm definition ...

Name Type Size Values Description Attributes Default
Business Area smartbox 5 Energy, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Software, Across all Business Areas*      

... then selecting "Accross all Business Areas" will select all other areas with it. Likewise, selecting all business areas indivudually will automatically select "Accross all Business Areas" as well.

Note that the "any value" selection is the one indicated by the "*" asterisk, or if not present the first in the list.


A time formfield using the clockpicker widget from


A topic reference using JQSelect2Contrib for autocompletion.


  • web: the web the user can choose topics from; defaults to current web
  • default: the default value to use if no value exists yet
  • url: url for autocompletion, default: %SCRIPTURL{"view"}%/System/MoreFormfieldsAjaxHelper?section=select2::topic;skin=text;contenttype=application/json
  • TopicType: name of a TopicType to be selected

Custom parameters may be added. These will be appended to the autocompletion url.

There are a couple of parameters that further customize the behavior of the select2 widget. Some of the most useful ones are:

  • minimumInputLength: number of characters that have to be entered before the autocompletion url is called to fetch matching selections from the backend; default 0
  • quietMillis: number of milliseconds to wait for input before the backend is called for autocompletion
  • limit: maximum number of values fetched from the autocompletion backend, default 10

These are also available for the user and icon formfield types.


A user reference using JQSelect2Contrib for autocompletion.


  • url: url for autocompletion, default: %SCRIPTURL{"view"}%/System/MoreFormfieldsAjaxHelper?section=select2::user;skin=text;contenttype=application/json
  • form: DataForm supposed to be attached to user profile pages; this form is used to search for users, default: UserForm

Installation Instructions

You do not need to install anything in the browser to use this extension. The following instructions are for the administrator who installs the extension on the server.

Open configure, and open the "Extensions" section. Use "Find More Extensions" to get a list of available extensions. Select "Install".

If you have any problems, or if the extension isn't available in configure, then you can still install manually from the command-line. See for more help.


Change History:  
09 Apr 2015: documentation; final bugfixing before release; updated to latest clockpicker
26 Mar 2015: updated list of all fontawesom icons; fixed rendering of Topic formfields values
16 Dec 2014: fixed thumbnails in user autocompletion; don't inherit from ListFieldDefinition for performance reasons
22 Aug 2014: added smarbox formfield
04 Apr 2014: fixed compatibility with foswiki >= 1.2.0
23 Sep 2010: initial release
Home page: Foswiki:Extensions/MoreFormfieldsPlugin
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